All sessions offer a space to be heard. To be heard in the present moment.

And then to connect with Essences who will support your journey.

I work mainly with my range of Essences, The Atlantic Essences ( but we also can work with other ranges such as the Bach Essences, The Alaskan Essences, The Australian Bush Essences, the Wild Earth Animal Essences and the Lightbringer Essences who each offer a different energy, the intention being that we respond to what is best for you in that precise moment.

I adapt sessions to your personal needs so that we can develop together a space that resonates with your journey.

I used to offer aromatherapy massages and although this is no longer available as an individual session, it can be part of a retreat (see Retreats page)

1h30 sessions : €90 (includes a 30 ml dosage bottle)
In my place (in Haute Normandie, near Pont-Audemer) or via a skype or zoom session
(in French or English)

Remote 45 mns sessions: via skype/zoom, €50 (includes a 30 ml essences bottle and P&P)

Series of sessions
The work we can do together by committing to a series of sessions is obviously different to what we can do over one session and is dependant of what you are looking for.
I can suggest several possibilities such as a 6 session series; if you would like to consider this option or another one, we can discuss over the phone or once you have had one individual session, if you wish to carry on further.

An immersion day: €300
In Normandie, near Pont Audemer, 10 am to 5 pm, lunch included
The Immersion days give the possibility to focus on a particular matter and to use several healing tools around a main consultation, such as meditation, rituals, walks, stillness, time spent by the fire etc.. Together, we will also prepare your own blend of essences which you will take away with you and journey with afterwards.

As you can see, Sambah the cat may come and spend time with us… He is very friendly, very gentle and oozes a very positive energy.