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All Catalyst for Transformation and Freedom

Welcome to « L’Essence Intérieure ». My name is Muriel. Muriel Pichard.

My own path brought me to explore the notion of family, in all its various forms. What did family represent to me, whom was part of it and where did I “belong”? A long journey began which also brought me in my work as a therapist to help other souls on a similar quest, and others…

My work as a therapist started 25 years ago in the UK and brought together homeopathy, vibrational Essences (Flower, Environmental, Animal and Gem Essences) and aromatherapy. Now living in France again, I see myself more as a facilitator of processes, “holding the space” for people coming to me, rather than as a therapist.

Over several years, I have developed a range of Flower/Tree, Animal and Environmental Essences of which 15 were selected to come out last year. They are called The Atlantic Essences and offer a real emotional and spiritual support particularly at these times (www.atlanticessences.fr).

In this exploring path, Nature and animals, whether wild or « pets », occupy a major part. By immersing myself in Nature and by observing animals, I constantly reconnect with essential parts of me, which in the busy-ness of life, I may at times forget.

I feel blessed to be able to share this gift of connecting/reconnecting with our inner selves, this essential Nature, by offering sessions, workshops, training and retreats in a quiet and peaceful space in the deep countryside of Normandy near Pont-Audemer.

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Mainly people come to me to explore what I would call “their authentic self” and let go of what doesn’t feel as belonging to them anymore.

Very often, a time of huge change, a transition and/or grief can trigger the wish or need to be helped on the journey.
If this resonates with you, I suggest we discuss the possibility of working together.

In my practice, I use vibrational Essences as support as they are powerful tools to help us connect with our emotions. I also at times prepare blends of essential oils as they can be beautiful companions to the essences.
Above all, what I offer is a space to be heard, to be witnessed and present in the moment. And I also invite you to be fully YOURSELF.

Together we can explore :
Areas around self confidence and self love,
How the heart can be opened more fully, allowing healing to take place,
Being connected/reconnected to ourselves, others and the planet,
The wish to be in line with our deepest aspirations and our core selves, to be at peace,
How to be fully ourselves, connected to our « inner essence ».

Below is a short Youtube video showing an interview conducted in French telling about Essences in general, the Atlantic Essences and a bit about myself