The Atlantic Essences

The Atlantic Essences are a range of 15 Flower, Animal and Environmental Essences with currently 5 essences in each category. They came out in 2019 and come primarily from England where I lived for 25 years, Scotland and Wales.

There was no particular intent on my part for the range to be developed in this way. It just happened. However, I see no coincidence there but merely life showing me the way. In a nutshell, I would say that each type of essence has a specific energetic field and works on a slightly different level, all working together in symbiosis, as an orchestra finely tuned.

Vibrational Essences do not do the work for us, they work with us if we are willing to listen… to listen in a slightly different way to what we are normally used to.

Flower Essences helps us raise our consciousness and awareness.

Environmental Essences helps us clear blockages and bring in new fresh energy.

Animal Essences feel to me as these amazing companions working with us in a gentle yet powerful way.

It is difficult to describe exactly how each type of essence will merge with our own energy, but for sure, from my own experience and those whose processes I have witnessed, the potential for change and transformation is really there. It is therefore possible to work with one single essence at a time, or to work with essences in combination, whichever category they belong to.

The Atlantic Essences can assist us when we are looking for clarity in our lives and in ourselves. They can really support us when we go through times in our lives where it becomes beneficial to us to no longer resist what is and to let go and let be.
They have a real affinity with finding our own home deep in ourselves, wherever we physically are in the world.

They can be of real support during times of transition which can trigger in us an anxiety and apprehension regarding an unknown and uncertain future, as described by Jackie below:

My experience of the Atlantic Essences is as a range that helps us navigate the transitions in life with more grace. I took “Baby Swallows” when I was living on my own for the first time, leaving much that was familiar and previous behind me. I felt untethered, unhappy and uncertain of my choices. I was constantly spiraling through waves of grief about all that I had lost and waves of terror about what the future held. And yet I knew that my circumstances held the potential for freedom, if I could only claim that for myself. As I took “Baby Swallows“, I began to settle within myself, finding a core that was certain and steady despite all the change. My trust in life grew until I felt certain that I was exactly where I needed to be. I am opening to more expansion, possibility and potential every day. So now I am taking the “Atlantic Puffins” essence for joyful action. My experience of taking “Baby Swallows” reminds me of the Guillaume Apollinaire quote “They said: we are afraid. Come to the edge he said; They came. He pushed them and they flew.
Jackie Stewart

As per Jackie’s testimonial, we can see that these Essences are not here to force or push anything on us but merely to help us find balance again, a balance that is always present, on the inside, even though everything may feel different on the outside.
They support us in our quest to feel connected/reconnected to our innate joy. There are times in our lives where it would seem as if we have lost this connection, where we no longer feel it, and yet, as the sun is forever present above the clouds, this connection is forever here and accessible to us.

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